Andrew Talks to Chefs

Announcing ... The meez Network! A New Hospitality Industry Content Hub co-founded by Andrew and meez founder/ceo Josh Sharkey

Episode Summary

We want you to be among the first to know: Andrew has co-founded a new network--The meez Network--and the pod is part of the inaugural content offering.

Episode Notes

Hey, everybody! Please take 8 minutes and listen to this announcement of The meez Network. Andrew co-founded this new content hub with meez founder and ceo Josh Sharkey, and will initially serve the network as program director. The meez Network launches today (7/1/04) with an inaugural roster of podcasts, and one newsletter. Please check it out, take the participating podcasts and newsletter out for a test drive, and give a follow to The meez Network's Instagram feed. More details on the network are discussed in this episode, but in short: The meez Network aims to be your one-stop source for a range of content to meet every hospitality professional's needs. More shows will be onboarding soon, and we would love to hear from you with any feedback, thoughts, and/or suggestions. Thanks for listening, and here we go!