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Chad Williams (Friday Saturday Sunday restaurant; Philly, PA) on Finding the Magic & Poetry in Food & Cooking

Episode Summary

Philly's Chad Williams (Friday Saturday Sunday restaurant) on his philosophy of cooking, dining, and finding the magic.

Episode Notes

When Philly's Friday Saturday Sunday won the James Beard Foundation Award as Outstanding Restaurant in 2023, it was the culmination of chef Chad Williams' slow, patient development, of both his talent and craft, and of the restaurant he co-owns and co-operates with his wife Hanna Williams. In this conversation, recorded at The Chef Conference in Philly last month, Chad takes us through his career, which he approached in a decidedly old-school way, working in kitchens around the city, country, and world for well over a decade, before feeling ready to declare himself a chef. He also describes the growing pains he and Hanna experienced at Friday Saturday Sunday, and the act of desperation that, ironically, helped the restaurant round the corner towards its current success.

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