Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 100: Special Report - LIVE from The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Competition

Episode Summary

Profiles of nine emerging chefs from the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Competition North American regional semifinals in New York City.

Episode Notes

For our 100th episode, we have a special report from the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Competition North American regional semifinals. Andrew sat down with all of the emerging chefs who faced off in New York City a few weeks ago, for the right to represent North America at the Grand Finale in Milan, Italy, in 2020. In a series of short (10 minutes or less) conversations, he profiles this wildly talented and wonderfully diverse group. 

You’ll hear the stories of chefs who are plying their trade in New Orleans and Los Angeles, Calgary and Vancouver, New York and Ottawa. You’ll hear from sous chefs and executive chefs; those who work in restaurants and those who work in country clubs; those who are still in their home regions and those who moved to them from countries like Colombia and Italy. (The winner of the North American Semifinals, Chef Rafael Covarrubias, will be the featured guest on our next episode.)

S.Pellegrino is a promotional partner of Andrew Talks to Chefs.

Episode Guide
0 - 10:52 Intro

10:53 - 1:00:12  Pre-competition interviews (Jenny Dorsey, Yoann Therer, Camila Olarte, Kathryn Ferries, Francesco Di Marzio)

1:00:13 -  1:03:03 Show notes and updates

1:03:04 - 1:39:10 Post-competition interviews (Marvin Palomo, Jeremy Stephens, Vincent Gilliard, Garrett Martin)

1:39:11 - Wrap up


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