Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 103: Nick Muncy (Toothache magazine founder & pastry chef, Michael Mina)

Episode Summary

Nick Muncy, founder of Toothache magazine, and a pastry chef in his own right, discusses his career and the magazine.

Episode Notes

California native Nick Muncy grew up wanting to be an artist, but re-directed that impulse toward the kitchen as a young adult, becoming a pastry chef. After training at restaurants such as Coi and Saisson, he's now pastry chef for Michael Mina restaurant in San Francisco. Somehow he also finds time to write, edit, photograph, and produce Toothache, the magazine he founded. Andrew and Nick sat down while Nick was in New York City, photographing and conducting interviews for issue number 6, which was just recently released.


0:00 - 8:15 Intro

8:16 - 47:20 Nick Muncy, part 1

47:21- 49:45 Show notes and housekeeping

49:46 - 1:07:08 Nick Muncy, part 2

1:07:08 - end Outro


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