Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 105: Talking Cookbooks with Paul Kahan, Jamie Feldmar, Raquel Pelzel & Rob Newton

Episode Summary

Two chefs and two writer-editors discuss new publications and the writing and business of cookbooks.

Episode Notes

A rare, themed episode of the pod. Two chefs and two writers discuss the conceiving, making, and business of cookbooks. Paul Kahan takes us through his new Cooking for Good Times; writer Jamie Feldmar talks collaborating with top chefs like Angie Mar and Naomi Pomeroy; writer and editor Raquel Pelzel talks about acquiring cookbooks at Clarkson Potter and her own Umami Bomb; and chef Rob Newton explains the regional approach to his Seeking the South

And on his Toqueland blog this week, Andrew shares his working list of chef categories for the future that's already here.  


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