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Episode 107: Erick Williams (Virtue Restaurant, Chicago, IL)

Episode Summary

Erick Williams, chef-owner of Virtue Restaurant in Chicago, Illinois (an Esquire magazine 2019 Best New Restaurant), discusses his transition from real estate to cooking, his early days in the kitchen, and the mission of his restaurant.

Episode Notes

Erick Williams is having quite a year. The chef-owner of Chicago's Virtue restaurant (an Esquire magazine 2019 Best New Restaurant) has seen his labor of love receive a welcome equal to the passion he's poured into it

On a recent visit to New York, Erick sat down with Andrew to discuss his Chicago upbringing, his first career in real estate, his commitment to the kitchen after the the financial crash of 2008, and the development and meaning behind Virtue and its menu. It's a far-ranging and very open conversation with a thoughtful chef who approaches his work with great intention.

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