Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 111: Rocco DiSpirito, part 2; filmmaker Joanna James (A Fine Line documentary)

Episode Summary

Rocco DiSpirito, continuing last week's conversation, discusses his focus on healthful eating and his new cookbook. Documentarian Joanna James on her film A Fine Line: A Woman's Place is in the Kitchen.

Episode Notes

On the day her movie A Fine Line: A Woman's Place Is In the Kitchen debuts in New York City, filmmaker Joanna James discusses her documentary's exploration of the struggles and triumphs of women chefs and restauranteurs, and the story of her mother Val's life in the industry. The movie intercuts Val James' story with interviews with top women chefs including Dominique Crenn, Barbara Lynch, and Mashama Bailey.

And, continuing a conversation from last week's show, chef and author Rocco DiSpirito discusses how he became focused on health and fitness, his new cookbook Rocco's Keto Comfort Food Diet, his years away from restaurants, why he came back, and what he's thinking of doing next. 


0 - 4:25  Intro

4:25 - 51:35  Joanna James

51:35 - 54:20 Show Notes and Updates

54:20 - 1:55:50 - Rocco DiSpirito, part 2

1:55:50 - end  Outro


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