Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 116: Russell Jackson (Reverence restaurant; Harlem, NY)

Episode Summary

Russell Jackson, the chef-owner of Harlem's Reverence restaurant, shares deeply about his California upbringing, his training in legendary LA and San Francisco kitchens, and why he came to New York City.

Episode Notes

Just before New York City went into lockdown mid-March, Russell Jackson--chef/owner of Harlem's tasting menu restaurant Reverence--sat down with Andrew for an in-depth interview covering his Southern California upbringing, his training in a handful of legendary restaurants in LA and San Francisco, why he came to New York, as well as such tangential subjects as Star Wars, Bruce Lee, social media, and being present. It's an action-packed hour and a bittersweet evocation of a pre-pandemic feeling. 

If in New York City, please support Reverence, which is currently lovingly preparing and selling their own take on bento boxes every weekend. Reserve yours today!

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