Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 126: Black Food Professionals, Part 1 - Guest Hosted & Curated by Scott Alves Barton

Episode Summary

In the first of 2 special-report episodes, educator & former chef Scott Alves Barton guest hosts a conversation among Black professionals in food.

Episode Notes

We are delighted to share our first-ever guest-hosted and curated episodes of the pod. In a 2-episode special report, educator and former chef Scott Alves Barton moderates 4 conversations among Black professionals in food. Two of the panels comprise Black chefs, one features four writers and editors, and one features two chef-farmers. Our hope is that taken together, this report helps foster a greater understanding of, in Scott's words, "what it means to be Black and professional in food." For our Black listeners, we hope these conversations resonate with you and reflect and amplify your own experiences and perspectives. 

Scott's guests today are (in alphabetical order) Aneesha Hargrave, Adrian Lipscombe, Joe Randall, Jonny Rhodes, Ashleigh Shanti, and Omar Tate.

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