Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 135: Ariel Arce (Air's Champagne Parlor & others, NYC; author, Better with Bubbles)

Episode Summary

Ariel Arce, dubbed the Champagne Empress of Greenwich Village by the NY Times, discusses her young life and career, and her new book Better with Bubbles.

Episode Notes

Dubbed "the Champagne Empress of Greenwich Village" by The New York Times, Ariel Arce presides over a quartet of downtown Manhattan, Champagne- and wine-themed establishments including Air's Champagne Parlor, Tokyo Record Bar, Niche Niche, and Special Club. She also just authored her own book (due out November 3), Better with Bubbles.

Ariel recently sat down with Andrew to talk about her childhood as a theater kid, getting turned on to hospitality at The Office in Chicago, and her circuitous route to a life devoted to Champagne and restaurants. There are lots of good lessons here about following your own personal passions and life as an entrepreneur.

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