Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 136: Simon Kim (restaurateur - Cote, NYC)

Episode Summary

Simon Kim, the restaurateur behind New York City's Cote, discusses his path to hospitality.

Episode Notes

The Korean steakhouse Cote, in New York City, has been a stylish highlight of Manhattan's dining scene since opening a few years ago. The restaurant's chef, David Shim, guested on the pod in 2019, and now we're delighted to welcome Cote's charismatic impresario, restaurateur Simon Kim. From an outdoor table at Cote, Simon shares his story, from a childhood in South Korea to immigrating to the United States to working in Las Vegas hotels, to discovering a love of restaurants and learning to run them himself. 

Cote is also participating in S.Pellegrino’s (our promotional partner) inaugural Destination Dining series, in which pairs of restaurants on the East and West Coasts exchange dishes for one week each. 

For more about Destination Dining, see the recent article about the program on Fine Dining Lovers.

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