Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 141: Aaron Bludorn (Bludorn restaurant, Houston, TX)

Episode Summary

Aaron Bludorn checks in from Houston, Texas, where he recently opened his first restaurant, Bludorn.

Episode Notes

In 2019, Aaron Bludorn left a prime gig as chef of Cafe Boulud in New York City to move to Houston, Texas, and open his first restaurant as chef-proprietor, Bludorn. Aaron recently called in to talk to Andrew about his Seattle childhood, teenage years as member of a rock band with professional aspirations, his shift to the kitchen, years under the auspices of Daniel Boulud, and what it's been like to open a new restaurant in the midst of a pandemic. (Many listeners might also know Aaron as one of the more successful competitors on the Netflix series The Final Table, on which he made the final four.)

We'd also like to be among the first to welcome Gregory Christopher Bludorn into the world. Aaron and his wife Victoria welcomed Gregory just the other day and we are thrilled for them.

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(photo of Andrew & Aaron copyright by Eric Vitale Photography)