Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 149: Helene Henderson (Malibu Farm), Emma Bengtsson (Aquavit)

Episode Summary

Helene Henderson describes the evolution of her restaurant collection Malibu Farm & Emma Bengtsson shares the emotions she experienced on achieving her US citizenship on January 6, 2021.

Episode Notes

It's Inauguration Day in the United States, and we open this week's episode with a moving conversation with Aquavit chef and Swedish native Emma Bengtsson, who became a US citizen on January 6, 2021, the day of the horrific insurrection at the US Capitol in Washington, DC. Emma shares the mix of emotions she felt on that day, and where her subsequent soul-searching led her.

And our feature interview this week is with Helene Henderson, another Swedish woman (we swear this is a coincidence), who founded the successful restaurant collection Malibu Farm, with outposts in California, Florida, and New York. Helene takes us through her early life in Sweden, the odd jobs she worked in New York and California, her catering and private chef career, and the evolution of Malibu Farm from a quirky pop-up to a bi-coastal enterprise. 

Listen to our earlier, feature interview with Emma Bengtsson.

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