Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 152: Jesse Cool (Flea Street Cafe; Menlo Park, CA); Post-Pandemic Jobs Market Round Table with Brad Metzger Restaurant Solutions

Episode Summary

Bay Area legend & organic food pioneer Jesse Cool discusses her life & career. A trio from Brad Metzger Restaurant Solutions describes the emerging post-pandemic hospitality job market.

Episode Notes

For four decades Jesse Cool has owned and operated the beloved Menlo Park restaurant Flea Street Cafe, and been a devoted proponent of organic cooking and dining. She joins Andrew to discuss her road from Pennsylvania to California, the ups and downs of running a restaurant over such a long timespan, and her dislike of the word chef, among myriad other subjects. (Listen to Jesse's earlier appearance on the pod.)

And a trio of experts from Brad Metzger Restaurant Solutions, a Southern California-based recruiting firm, share their observations about the emerging post-pandemic hospitality jobs market, from traditional pursuits to new and evolving options.

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