Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 157: Chintan Pandya (Dhamaka, et. al., NYC); Rob Petrone on Processing COVID One Year Later

Episode Summary

Chef Chintan Pandya discusses his mission of bringing authentic Indian food to American diners. Broadcaster Rob Petrone reflects on the hospitality trade after a year of living with COVID.

Episode Notes

With a number of restaurants to his name, and a company (Unapologetic Foods) devoted to bringing authentic Indian cuisine to the United States, chef Chintan Pandya is on a bit of a roll, even in the aftermath of COVID. HIs recently launched Dhamaka on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is the latest in a string of successful concepts including Rahi and Adda, that he and business partner Roni Mazumdar have created. In one of our first in-person interviews in months, Chintan sits down with Andrew outside Dhamaka to talk about his Mumbai childhood, his background in both fine dining and fast casual restaurants, and the mission of his company.

And in The Line-Up, our  weekly news and commentary segment, broadcaster Rob Petrone, host of Hot Takes on a Plate, talks about his recent episode devoted to voices of chefs and other hospitality professionals recorded in the first weeks of COVID in the United States, roughly one year ago. (The interviews were recorded for a video documentary Rob hope to see produced soon.)

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