Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 162: Scott Alves Barton; Victoria Blamey on creating during COVID

Episode Summary

Scott Alves Barton recounts his unique journey from chefdom to food scholarship. Victoria Blamey shares her refreshingly positive experience of finding creative satisfaction during COVID.

Episode Notes

Scott Alves Barton came up as a cook, then chef, in New York City restaurants, including almost ten years working with the late, great Patrick Clark. In midlife, Scott made a shift to academia, earning a PhD in food studies from New York University, and is now a leading culinary educator, teaching at multiple institutions and participating in myriad projects and articles, much of it with a focus on race, ethnicity, and related subjects. (Regular listeners will remember that Scott guest produced and hosted two episodes of the pod in 2020.) 

And in The Line Up, our news and information segment, we bring you a much-needed feel-good story: Victoria Blamey, formerly of Chumley's and Gotham Bar and Grill, discusses the creative breakthrough she recently experienced during her residency at Blue Hill Center for Food & Agriculture.

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