Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 166: Peter Hoffman (chef & author of What's Good?); Jacqueline Raposo on Expanding the Definition of "Accessible"

Episode Summary

Chef Peter Hoffman discusses his new memoir What's Good? Writer & podcast producer Jacqueline Raposo on expanding the definition of accessibility in dining.

Episode Notes

For nearly 3 decades chef Peter Hoffman owned and operated the storied restaurant Savoy in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. In his first book, What's Good?, he intertwines his own story and that of the restaurant with notes on ingredients that take the reader through a year of growing cycles. It's a remarkable and beautifully written book and Peter's comments are a wonderful expansion of some key ideas and moments it contains.

In The Line-Up, our news and commentary segment, writer and  podcast producer Jacqueline Raposo discusses her recent Grub Street article advocating for a broader and more informed definition of "accessibility" in restaurants building on lessons learned during COVID.

And as he does each week, Brad Metzer, founder of Brad Metzger Restaurant Solutions (BMRS), joins us to share a  selection of positions that his firm is looking to fill. (Andrew Talks to Chefs listeners are encouraged to reach out to BMRS at the special, dedicated email address created just for you at

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