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Episode 174: Rich Melman, R.J. Melman, and Jerrod Melman (Lettuce Entertain You); Vicki Freeman (The Bowery Group, NYC) on Operating and Opening Restaurants Right Now

Episode Summary

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary year of Lettuce Entertain You, founder Rich Melman, company president R.J. Melman, and executive partner Jerrod Melman, open up about many aspects of the company, and their lives. NYC owner-operator Vicki Freeman (The Bowery Group) talks opening and operating restaurants at this delicate moment in time.

Episode Notes

During a recent book research trip to Chicago, Andrew made time to sit down with industry legend Rich Melman, founder of Lettuce Entertain You; Lettuce Entertain You president R.J. Melman; and executive partner Jerrod Melman. On the occasion of the company's 50th year in business, the family open up about the company's origins, evolution, and management style, as well as other aspects of running restaurants and managing teams. This is a rare and fascinating chance to learn about a philosophy of hospitality from some of the best in the business.

And in The Line-Up, our news and commentary segment, NYC restaurateur Vicki Freeman of The Bowery Group calls in to talk about their new restaurant Shukette (with chef Ayesha Nurdaja at the helm), and the ups and downs of opening and operating restaurants at this delicate moment in time.

In our jobs-of-the-week segment, we share some of the great positions our sponsor Brad Metzger Restaurant Solutions (BMRS) is currently looking to fill.  (Andrew Talks to Chefs listeners are encouraged to reach out to BMRS at the special, dedicated email address created just for you at

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