Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 178: Hanna Raskin (The Food Section)

Episode Summary

Charleston-based journalist Hanna Raskin discusses her new Substack "The Food Section," which reports on food-related issues across the American South.

Episode Notes

Hanna Raskin, most recently a reporter and restaurant critic for the Charleston Post and Courier, just launched The Food Section, a Substack devoted to food and related issues across the American South. The online journal, delivered to subscribers' email inboxes twice weekly, offers  everything from  news and investigative journalism to restaurant reviews, opinion columns, and features.  

On today's pod, Hanna calls in from Charleston to discuss her move into this growing journalism sector, and describe some of her first stories for The Food Section, including a look at the state (and advisability) of "friends and family" nights in restaurants, and the tale of a neighborhood that banded together to push back against a local bar that had overtaken its streets.

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