Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 194: Tom Colicchio

Episode Summary

Tom Colicchio discusses the state of the industry, the genesis of the Independent Restaurant Coalition, whether or not the Reset is happening, NFTs, and more.

Episode Notes

Tom Colicchio recently sat down with Andrew to discuss a wide-ranging variety of topics, from his newest restaurant Vallata to the state of the industry to the genesis of the Independent Restaurant Coalition to his NFT venture CHEFTY. He also shares some personal insights into his enduring love of cooking and how his childhood memories figure into it.

In the intro, Andrew describes the global S.Pellegrino* Young Chef Academy Competition, and encourages listeners under 30 to apply. (For a sense of the competition, listen to Andrew's 2019 interviews with the most recent class of North American finalists.)




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photo of Tom and Andrew by Maya Land