Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 195: Johnny Clark (Parachute & Wherewithall restaurants; Chicago)

Episode Summary

Johnny Clark, co-chef & co-owner of Parachute & Wherewithall restaurants in Chicago, discusses his life & career.

Episode Notes

A perennial seeker, Johnny Clark has had a long and unpredictable road to his success (with wife and co-chef/owner Beverly Kim) at Wherewithall and Parachute restaurants in Chicago, Illinois. From a Cincinnati childhood punctuated by a passion for skateboarding to New York City and gigs in several old-school kitchens to a stage under the late, great Im Ji-ho in Korea, and ultimately to Chicago, Johnny's path is utterly unique and his openness about his life and career challenges makes for a wonderfully open and honest dialogue. (He and Beverly and their team are also the subjects of Andrew's next book, due out in 2023.) This is one of those true deep-dive conversations that longtime listeners know is our favorite kind to record and share.

And, in the mid-show break, S.Pellegrino's Michele Vieira drops by to discuss the  global S.Pellegrino* Young Chef Academy Competition, and explain why listeners under 30 should consider applying. (For a sense of the competition, listen to Andrew's 2019 interviews with the most recent class of North American finalists.)



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