Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 198: Anthony Mangieri (Una Pizza Napoletana, NYC)

Episode Summary

Anthony Mangieri, the legendary pizzaiolo behind Una PIzza Napoletana, discusses his obsession with his craft.

Episode Notes

Talk to enough pizzaiolos and you'll realize that many of them are obsessed with their craft and generally soulful beings. Anthony Mangieri, the legendary force behind Una Pizza Napoletana for close to 30 years, is no exception: On a recent spring morning in New York City, Andrew walked into the restaurant, had an espresso with Anthony, and proceeded to discuss with him everything from pizza as a way of life, to creativity to off-hour pastimes (music, mountain biking, etc.) to a love-hate relationship with social media. It's a  fascinating, open conversation that we know you'll enjoy. 

Calling all young chefs and aspiring chefs: If you're under 30, we encourage you to apply for the S.Pellegrino* Young Chef Academy Competition. Application deadline has been extended to June 30.