Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 213: Gregory Gourdet (Kann restaurant--Portland, OR)

Episode Summary

While in NYC to attend the Esquire Best New Restaurants celebration last month, Gregory Gourdet made a few minutes to sit down with Andrew and share his story.

Episode Notes

Gregory Gourdet has had quite the year: HIs new restaurant Kann opened in Portland, Oregon; his cookbook Everyone's Table won a James Beard Foundation Award, and Kann was named the best new restaurant in the nation by Esquire. While in New York City last month to attend Esquire's celebration, Gregory swung by Andrew's Brooklyn apartment for a free-ranging conversation about his long and winding path to the professional kitchen, his years working with Jean-Georges Vongerichten, his hard-won sobriety, and how a Top Chef challenge helped him conceptualize Kann. 

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