Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 216: Ron Yan (Parcelle wine bar, NYC)

Episode Summary

Ron Yan, executive chef of Parcelle wine bar in lower Manhattan, discusses his experience in a broad range of restaurants, and the myriad influences that inform his menu.

Episode Notes

As executive chef of Parcelle wine bar in lower Manhattan, Ron Yan serves a menu informed by myriad cuisines and some of the places where he's lived around the world. In this conversation recorded outside the restaurant in late 2022, Ron describes his initial interest in food and cooking, his gravitation to New York City, and his  experience in a range of New York restaurants, from the glitzy Le Cirque in MIdtown to the smaller and more intimate Jewel Bako and Degustation downtown.

(As you'll hear in the interview, we're still not sure if Ron wants you to check out his YouTube channel, where he did cooking demos during the pandemic, but have a look if you like; they're charming.)

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