Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 219: Manoella "Manu" Buffara (chef & author of Manu: Recipes and Stories from My Brazil)

Episode Summary

Manoella "Manu" Buffara discusses her evolution as a chef & her new autobiographical cookbook Manu: Recipes and Stories from My Brazil.

Episode Notes

Manoella Buffara, also known as "Manu," has owned and operated her own restaurant, the eponymous Manu, in  Curitiba, Brazil, for more than a decade. The restaurant offers an expression of her life and mind in a tasting menu format. This week, she published a book--Manu: Recipes and Stories from My Brazil--that, like the restaurant, is a summation of herself and her cuisine to this point in her journey. While in New York City to celebrate the book's launch, Manu sat down with Andrew at the offices of her publisher, Phaidon, to discuss her migration to professional cooking from an original path toward journalism, her formative time at Noma in Copenhagen, and the story behind her celebrated restaurant, among many other subjects.

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