Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 238: Brad Kilgore (MaryGold's Brasserie, Miami, FL) on Molecular/Modernist Cuisine, His New Frozen Pizza Venture, and the Surprising Secrets of a French Onion Burger

Episode Summary

Chef Brad Kilgore on defining, disentangling and applying Modernist and Molecular Cuisine, his direct-to-doorstep pizza venture, and his path to the pro kitchen.

Episode Notes

MIami's Brad Kilgore displays an easygoing demeanor beneath which resides a precise and driven chef. When Brad and his colleagues hosted Andrew for a book event last fall at the Arlo Hotel Wynwood (home of Brad's MaryGold's Brasserie), the two of them sat down to record this interview. In it they discuss myriad subjects including Brad's adoption of the principles of Molecular and Modernist Cuisines, his time in some of the best restaurants in Chicago, and his plans for the future, including Pizza Freak Co., an already launched direct-to-doorstep frozen pizza venture