Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 98: Signature Dishes That Matter with Christine Muhlke & Michael Laiskonis

Episode Summary

Christine Muhlke, co-curator and writer of the new book Signature Dishes That Matter, and esteemed pastry chef Michael Laiskonis, join Andrew to discuss important dishes from throughout the ages.

Episode Notes

A fun episode for both professional cooks and chefs, and "civilian" food geeks alike: Christine Muhlke, co-curator and writer of the new Phaidon book Signature Dishes That Matter, joins Andrew to kick around the notion of signature dishes, how she and her collaborators made their selections, and even some dishes that didn't make the cut. Joining them is acclaimed pastry chef Michael Laiskonis, currently of Recolte, and a food scholar in his own right.

The conversation ranges from the 1600s to 2018, from street food to haute cuisine, from nouvelle to New American, and touches on chefs ranging from Claudia Fleming to Wolfgang Puck, Paul Bocuse to David Chang, Alice Waters to Dan Barber.

Special thanks to Benno restaurant for hosting this conversation.

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