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Episode 99: Claudia Fleming (North Fork Table & Inn; author, The Last Course) and bonus guest Jeff Gordinier (Esquire magazine)

Episode Summary

One of the most influential American pastry chefs, Claudia Fleming, sits down with Andrew to discuss her path to the kitchen, and the reissue of her classic cookbook The Last Course. And Esquire magazine's Food & Drinks editor Jeff Gordinier drops by to talk about his 2019 Best New Restaurants list.

Episode Notes

Andrew drove out to Southold, NY, this summer to visit influential pastry chef Claudia Fleming at her North Fork Table & Inn. They spoke about Claudia's Italian-Irish upbringing, her early days as an aspiring dancer, her transition to restaurant work (starting in the front of the house), and ascension to opening pastry chef at Gramercy Tavern, where she inspired generations of colleagues. Claudia worked in such seminal restaurants as the original Jams, Tribeca Grill, and Union Square Cafe, all of which are discussed in detail, as is the reissue of her cookbook The Last Course, just published last week.

Joining Andrew for the intro this week is his colleague and neighbor Jeff Gordinier, food & drinks editor of Esquire magazine, whose 2019 Best New Restaurants list recently debuted. Jeff shares his extensive selection process, as well as some highlights from the list.

Episode guide:

1:25 - 33:40  Intro with Esquire magazine food & drinks editor Jeff Gordinier

33:40 - 1:28:10 Claudia Fleming, part 1

1:28:40 - 1:39:28 More with Jeff Gordinier (mid-Show break)

1:39:28 - 2:10:10 - Claudia Fleming, part 2

2:10:10 Wrap up with Jeff Gordinier


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[photo of Claudia Fleming by Eric Striffler]