Andrew Talks to Chefs

Fine Dining in the Crosshairs with Angie Mar (An Andrew Talks to Chefs Special Conversation)

Episode Summary

Angie Mar, chef and owner of Les Trois Chevaux in NYC, discusses the state of fine dining, and media antipathy towards it.

Episode Notes

With this episode, we introduce a new recurring feature on the pod: Andrew Talks to Chefs Special Conversations. In these freestanding, short-form episodes, we'll be discussing news and topics that are on the minds of the industry with chefs, owner-operators, cooks, farmers, platform providers, and others. Our goal is a free, open, and honest exchange of ideas. In this inaugural episode, Angie Mar, chef and owner of Les Trois Chevaux in Greenwich Village, New York City, sits down to share her thoughts about the state of fine dining and whether or not the media's antipathy towards it aligns with the dining public, chefs, and cooks. 

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