Andrew Talks to Chefs

For the Love of Hospitality with Ellen Yin (An Andrew Talks to Chefs Special Conversation)

Episode Summary

Legendary Philly restaurateur Ellen Yin sits down for a "deskside chat"--a free-associative conversation about the state of the industry.

Episode Notes

Shortly before she took home the JBF Award as Outstanding Restaurateur this spring, legendary Philly restaurateur Ellen Yin of High Street Hospitality Group (Fork, High Street Philly, sat down with Andrew at the Philly Chef Conference.  Their conversation is the first of something we plan to do more of: Deskside Chats with seasoned industry pros that go wherever the dialogue takes them. In this inaugural Deskside Chat, Ellen shares her thoughts on the state of the industry post/late-COVID, the importance of a well-defined culture in retaining employees, and the challenges that make some longstanding issues (we're looking at you, tipping) especially difficult to solve.

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