Andrew Talks to Chefs

Lunch with Barkha Cardoz (an Andrew Talks to Chefs Special Conversation)

Episode Summary

Three years after her husband, chef Floyd Cardoz, was lost to Covid, his wife Barkha Cardoz catches us up on her efforts to sustain his legacy, and her own plans for the future.

Episode Notes

On this date, the third anniversary of our losing chef Floyd Cardoz to COVID, we remember him and his legacy with his wife, Barkha Cardoz. A few weeks ago, Barkha generously invited Andrew to visit her home, even though they'd never met before, to enjoy a lunch prepared in part with the masalas she and Floyd developed several years ago (and which are still sold by Burlap & Barrell). Barkha shared her own personal journey to the restaurant world, and recalls how she and Floyd met in cooking school in India and were reunited by chance in the United States. She also explains how she's carving out a greater public identity for herself as she moves forward with her life and career. Hope you'll give a listen to this extraordinarily open and moving conversation.

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