Andrew Talks to Chefs

Episode 212: Marc St. Jacques (Bar Bête & Ruthie's--Brooklyn)

Episode Summary

One of our favorite Brooklyn chefs discusses his new restaurant Ruthie's and his excellent Bar Bête, both located on Smith Street in Cobble Hill.

Episode Notes

In our humble estimation, the food Marc St. Jacques and his team serve at Bar Bête, is some of the very best not just in Brooklyn, but in New York City, especially in such a relatively casual bistro setting and at a relatively gentle price point. Marc recently opened what's shaping up as an American answer to Bar Bête, Ruthie's, just a block up Smith Street in Cobble Hill. The new restaurant has undergone a few significant tweaks in just its first few months; in his conversation with Andrew, Marc opens up not just about his Canadian roots and culinary training, but also about launching a new restaurant, acknowledging and correcting mistakes, and the challenge of getting the word out if you don't have a PR firm or social-media manager. He also discusses the workplace culture that's helped Bar Bête retain many of its original employees since opening three years ago. 

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photo by Evan Sung