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Meet (some of) the Women of MAPP (An Andrew Talks to Chefs Special Conversation)

Episode Summary

After a recent kick-off event at Union Square Cafe in NYC, some leaders & members of MAPP, which empowers women in food organizations through advocacy and mentorship, discussed the organization, its mission, and successes.

Episode Notes

What began as a labor of love for documentarian and former journalist Joanna James--making the documentary A Fine Line, about her mother Val--turned into an organization, MAPP, that supports women in food organizations through mentorship and advocacy. After a recent kick-off event for their coast-to-coast programming and events for 2023 at New York City's Union Square Cafe, Joanna, Val, and three MAPP ambassadors/board members--Mo Carter, Amanda Mack, and Georgeann Leaming--gathered to discuss the organization's genesis, its multi-pronged approach to a variety of challenges that women in the industry continue to confront today, and share a few personal success stories facilitated by MAPP. 

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