Andrew Talks to Chefs

Mentorship Panel 1: Erick Williams & Damarr Brown LIVE from the Philly Chef Conference (presented by S.Pellegrino)

Episode Summary

In the first of a series of live discussions from around the U.S. on the subject of Mentorship, Erick Williams and Damarr Brown discuss their longstanding relationship and how it reflects this industry tradition.

Episode Notes

We at Andrew Talks to Chefs are delighted to bring you the first in a series of live discussions on the subject of Mentorship in the restaurant industry. The series is brought to you by our promotional partner S.Pellegrino, and each one will  be moderated by Andrew, staged in a different city, and build on the one(s) that precede it. The inaugural examination of this topic took place recently at the Philly Chef Conference and features Erick Williams and Damarr Brown of Chicago's Virtue restaurant. Erick and Damarr discuss their longstanding mentor-mentee relationship, how it's endured across two restaurants and more than a decade, and also how it reflects this essential and unique industry tradition.

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