Andrew Talks to Chefs

Mentorship Panel #4: Nando Chang and Adriano Montano LIVE! from an On The Line Dinner in Miami (presented by S.Pellegrino)

Episode Summary

The fourth in our series of Mentorship conversations (presented by S.Pellegrino) takes us to Miami, Florida, and Maty's restaurant, where Nando Chang and his longtime associate Adriano Montano discuss their five-year mentor-mentee relationship.

Episode Notes

Our fourth Mentorship panel was staged this past fall in Andrew's hometown of Miami, Florida, at the much-acclaimed  Maty's, part of the Itamae family of restaurants. As chef Valerie "Val" Chang and her crew prepared dinner for a full house of line cooks from around the city, her brother and business partner Nando Chang took to the mic along with his longtime protege Adriano Montano. Their unique story--both are musicians and Adriano continues to pursue his career alongside his now five-year (and going) stint with the Itamae group. This latest installment in our six-part LIVE! national series offers much wisdom on hiring and management, and a touching (and not uncommon) story of a cook finding the kitchen almost by accident, and deciding to stay there.

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* photo by Middle River Arts