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Nancy Silverton on The Cookie That Changed My Life, her new book (An Andrew Talks to Chefs Special Conversation)

Episode Summary

The ever-amazing Nancy Silverton discusses her new cookbook The Cookie That Changed My Life, featuring recipes she perfected for more than 100 classic baked treats.

Episode Notes

The ever-energetic Nancy Silverton returns to the pod to talk about her terrific new cookbook: The Cookie That Changed My Life. In it, Nancy--currently helming such restaurants as Chi Spacca and Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles--returns to her pastry roots. The book shares more than 100 recipes that capture her perfected versions of beloved, classic baked goods. Written in collaboration with Carolynn Carreño, The Cookie That Changed My Life is a knockout, with much to appeal to pro cooks and home cooks alike, as well as to holiday gift-givers. 

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