Andrew Talks to Chefs

Sal Lamboglia (Cafe Spaghetti, Swoony's) on the Long Road Back to Brooklyn

Episode Summary

Chef Sal Lamboglia discusses his Brooklyn upbringing and eventual return to his home borough with the hit restaurants Cafe Spaghetti and Swoony's.

Episode Notes

Raised in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn, Sal Lamboglia grew up on Italian-American food in a family populated by his chef father, butchers, and other food professionals. Following graduation from culinary school, he spent many years with a Manhattan-based restaurant group before returning to Brooklyn and launching his hit restaurant Cafe Spaghetti in 2022, and its follow up, Swoony's, in 2024. On this episode, Sal takes us through his early life experience, pro training, and how he applies it all in his restaurants today.

This Sunday, June 2, Sal is hosting Andrew and spirits writer Robert Simonson for a book party, talk, and signing at Swoony's restaurant in Brooklyn. (click through for info and tickets)

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