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SPECIAL REPORT #14: Ashtin Berry on Evolving Toward a More Equal & Inclusive Industry

Episode Summary

Ashtin Berry, New Orleans-based bartender, beverage consultant, and educator, discusses how to create safer and more inclusive spaces in the hospitality industry.

Episode Notes

Ashtin Berry is a top bartender and beverage consultant: Imbibe named her Best Bartender in 2019, and she was the lone woman of color on Observer's 2018 55 People in Nightlife Power List. But her professional success is just one aspect of her blossoming career: Ashtin devotes a great deal of time and energy to raising awareness about power, opportunity, and benefit imbalances in the hospitality industry, and exploring possible solutions. She is a challenger of the status quo, an asker of difficult questions, and a believer in better ways of doing business. In this densely packed half-hour conversation, Ashtin shares her thoughts on the unique opportunities and challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the eventual recovery.

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