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SPECIAL REPORT #15: Shelter en Place Theater presents a Review of Burnt, starring Bradley Cooper, with guest critics Allison & Matt Robicelli

Episode Summary

From the pandemic-addled hellscape of 2020 rises a new, perhaps recurring feature: Shelter en Place Theater. This week, guest critics Allison & Matt Robicelli join Andrew to revisit the unfortunate Bradley Cooper vehicle Burnt, about a once-great chef's road to personal and professional salvation ... at whatever cost necessary, mainly to others.

Episode Notes

Adam Jones (Bradley Cooper), we are told, is to cooking what the Rolling Stones are to rock & roll. For two hours, in the comeback saga Burnt (2015), we learn just how awful one can behave if they have a way with a whisk. Or can they? in a new, possibly recurring feature, Shelter en Place Theater, Andrew is joined by guest critics Allison & Matt Robicelli to dissect Burnt, both as a representation of the chef trade, and as a work of dramatic fiction. It ain't pretty, but it's honest.

**Warning: This episode is rife with spoilers. Please watch Burnt before listening!**

Our great thanks to S.Pellegrino for making these special reports possible.


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