Andrew Talks to Chefs

Special Report #18: John Winterman on Using the Right Glassware During a Pandemic

Episode Summary

John Winterman, a young veteran of the hospitality world, discusses how the shutdown has affected the completion and opening of his new Brooklyn restaurant Francie, and how he's using the yet-to-launch New York brasserie to fundraise for the industry at this time.

Episode Notes

John Winterman came of age in restaurants ranging from Charlie Trotter's in Chicago to Gary Danko in San Francisco, to a near-decade as a front-of-house maestro in Daniel Boulud's empire. After successfully launching and shepherding his Bâtard through its first five years in Tribeca, John was close to launching his independent New York Brasserie Francie in Brooklyn, with chef-partner Chris Cipollone (formerly of Piora in lower Manhattan), when the shutdown went into place.

On this episode, John discusses how the current situation has and hasn't impacted his and Chris' plans, his uniquely positive outlook, and how they're using the yet-to-open restaurant to fundraise for the industry.

Our thanks to S.Pellegrino for making these special reports possible.


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