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SPECIAL REPORT #20: Shelter en Place Theater presents a review of Jon Favreau's "Chef" with guest critics Allison & Matt Robicelli

Episode Summary

Our lockdown movie review series continues with a look back at Jon Favreau's food truck odyssey Chef, as evaluated by Baltimore-based guests Allison and Matt Robicelli.

Episode Notes

It's been six years since Jon Favreau's movie Chef debuted. In our relatively new, ongoing, and perhaps ill-fated search for the great live-action chef movie, Andrew joins forces with Allison and Matt Robicelli to revisit this food truck road movie and evaluate its depiction of the pro-cooking trade. How realistic is the protagonist's kitchen life? His relationship with restaurant owner Dustin Hoffman? HIs sous chef and line cook? His son? And, most importantly ... Twitter? In our second of what's shaping up as a weekly Shelter en Place Theater review, we ask these questions and more to end another week of coronavirus-resulting lockdown

**Warning: This episode is rife with spoilers. Please watch Chef before listening!**

Our great thanks to S.Pellegrino for making these special reports possible.


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