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SPECIAL REPORT #22: Caroline Glover on Climbing Up the Hill

Episode Summary

Caroline Glover of Aurora, Colorado's Annette restaurant talks about operating a relatively young restaurant at this tenuous time, and about her opinion piece about the lack of diversity and inclusion in the president's Economic Council for Restaurants.

Episode Notes

Chef Caroline Glover was on quite the career upswing since opening her restaurant Annette in Aurora, Colorado, in 2016--a spot in Food + Wine's Best New Chefs class of 2019, a 2020 semifinalist nod for a James Beard Foundation Award, and plenty of local and national attention. But when the pandemic and subsequent lockdown came, the restaurant was forced to temporarily shift to a curbside takeaway business model, eliminating the personal connection with her guests (Annette has an open kitchen) that's a defining element of hospitality for Caroline.

Caroline was also among the more eloquent industry voices to speak out, via an Opinion piece on, when the president's Economic Council for Restaurants was announced last week, disappointing many with its lack of diversity and inclusion.

Our thanks to S.Pellegrino for making these special reports possible.


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