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SPECIAL REPORT #24: Edouardo Jordan on Being Resilient & Why People Visit Seattle

Episode Summary

Seattle's Edouardo Jordan discusses the various industry support efforts that he's participating in, and describes his and his team's involvement in the Restaurant Workers Relief Program.

Episode Notes

Chef Edouardo Jordan owns and operates three foodservice businesses--Junebaby, Salare, and Lucinda Grain Bar--in Seattle, Washington, the first American city to have a full-fledged outbreak of the coronavirus. In this conversation, Edouardo discusses his efforts to lift up the industry at this time of crisis, including fighting for business interruption insurance support, participating in the Independent Restaurant Coalition, and serving colleagues by converting one of his restaurants into an outpost of the Restaurant Workers Relief Program. He also discusses his open letter about the lack of minority and independent restaurant representation on the President's Economic Council for Restaurants.

Our thanks to S.Pellegrino for making these special reports possible.


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