Andrew Talks to Chefs

SPECIAL REPORT #30: Darren Underway, sous chef & author of The Stay-Put Cookbook

Episode Summary

Darren Underway, a sous chef from Somerset restaurant in Chicago, discusses his new quarantine cookbook with an altruistic mission.

Episode Notes

Darren Underway, a sous chef at Somerset restaurant in Chicago, Illinois, has made the best of his shelter-in-place time by writing and producing The Stay-Put Cookbook: A Chef's Guide to Cooking Under Quarantine. The e-book offers recipes suited to home cooks at a time of limited shopping and sourcing options, with recipes most home cooks can successfully produce. A portion of proceeds of the book purchased for $13 (as opposed to the basic $10 price) will go to the Boka Restaurant Group Employee Relief Fund.

Darren joins Andrew to discuss the book, what prompted him to write it, and what he learned about cookbooks in the process.

Our great thanks to S.Pellegrino for making these special reports possible.

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