Andrew Talks to Chefs

SPECIAL REPORT #32 & 33: Scott Varricchio, Ian Boden, and Craig Melillo on the 3 Stages of Lockdown

Episode Summary

Three chef-owners, from three very different markets, discuss the three main stages of lockdown: full temporary closure, curbside pickup, and preparing to reopen.

Episode Notes

In this two-episodes-in-one special report, Andrew visits with three chef-owners in three stages of lockdown in three different markets:

Scott Varricchio of Citrus Grillhouse in Vero Beach, Florida, shares the precautions he's taken in preparation to partially reopen his restaurant tomorrow;

Ian Boden, of The Shack  in Staunton, Virginia, discusses the challenges of being fully, temporarily shut down and the difficulties in deciding when to reopen a small restaurant;

and Craig Melillo of Gracie's Apizza in Portland, Oregon, gives us a report on his first few services operating for curbside pickup.

Three different perspectives from three different regions that add up to a snapshot of where the industry is as we ease into May.

Our great thanks to S.Pellegrino for making these special reports possible.

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