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SPECIAL REPORT #5: Kat Kinsman on Putting on Your Kitchen Pants, and Remembering Floyd Cardoz with Chandra Ram

Episode Summary

Food + Wine's Kat Kinsman, a leader in mental health in the restaurant industry, joins us to discuss how to cope and maintain your professional identity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And Plate magazine's Chandra Ram helps us remember the legacy of the late Floyd Cardoz.

Episode Notes

From her Chefs with Issues program to her personal consultations with countless people in the restaurant industry to her myriad writings and her own Communal Table podcast, Kat Kinsman is a leading voice for mental health among hospitality professionals. Kat and Andrew discuss coping mechanisms traditional and non- and how they might be employed at this challenging time, and manage to have an unlikely laugh or two along the way.

Also, on the day we lost chef Floyd Cardoz, Plate magazine's Chandra Ram shares a few thoughts about this important chef.

Our great thanks to S.Pellegrino for making these special reports possible.

Please visit our support organization of the day, Kat Kinsman's Chefs with Issues.


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