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SPECIAL REPORT #7: Brandon Jew on Imagining & Adjusting to the Ever-Changing Future of Restaurants

Episode Summary

San Francisco's Brandon Jew, chef-owner of Mister Jiu's and Moongate Lounge, shares an update from San Francisco's Chinatown and discusses the difficulties of imagining a constantly shifting future restaurant landscape.

Episode Notes

Our first on-the-ground report from San Francisco: Chef Brandon Jew of Mister Jiu's and Moongate Lounge paints a picture of a dystopian scene in one of the United States' greatest food cities. Brandon discusses the impossibility of predicting just what the future of restaurants, including his own, will look like; the disruption of life without nighty service; and the distinct, unfortunate antipathy being directed at the Chinese-American community during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our great thanks to S.Pellegrino for making these special reports possible.

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