Andrew Talks to Chefs

SPECIAL REPORT #8: Dan Jacobs on the Zen of Clean Kitchens & Being a Chef with Kennedy's Disease

Episode Summary

Milwaukee chef Dan Jacobs' restaurant Dan Dan remains open for take out and delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic, but because he lives with the rare and progressive Kennedy's Disease, he has been forced to shelter in place for his own safety. He shares what he's doing to keep it together from home.

Episode Notes

Chef Dan Jacobs' Milwaukee restaurant Dan Dan remains open for take away and delivery during the current pandemic and the "safe in place" order in his city. But because he lives with the rare, progressive Kennedy's Disease, Dan is at high risk for complications if exposed to the COVID-19 virus, so has made the decision to stay home rather than work at his restaurant. Dan shares how he's maintaining and adapting certain pro-kitchen habits at home, what he's been cooking, and the joys of cleaning a kitchen.. any kitchen.

Our great thanks to S.Pellegrino for making these special reports possible.