Andrew Talks to Chefs

The Culinary Journey of a Lifetime with Lisa Donovan (co-founder, Reverie, and author, Our Lady of Perpetual Hunger), an Andrew Talks to Chefs Special Conversation

Episode Summary

Author Lisa Donovan (Our Lady of Perpetual Hunger) discusses the roster of guest chefs for the coming seasons of Reverie, her culinary retreat business.

Episode Notes

Professional chefs and home cooks alike fantasize about culinary retreats--long, leisurely stays in food-centric regions where we can lose ourselves in market visits, farm and vineyard tours, improvisational cooking, and--of course--sharing lavish meals with old and new friends. Author Lisa Donovan, who wrote the rightly celebrated Our Lady of Perpetual Hunger and is one of the US's most acclaimed bakers and pastry chefs, has knitted together her various passions and pastimes and co-founded (with Julie Belcher) Reverie, through which they lovingly plan culinary retreats in destinations such as Toulouse and Normandy, where hosts and guests cook, travel, and learn together. On this episode of the pod, Lisa calls in to talk about Reverie and its forthcoming slate of 2024 retreats featuring guest co-hosts/chefs such as Nina Compton and Tara Jensen.

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